How to Transform Your Basement into a Bar

Do you have a basement in your house? Is it cluttered with unwanted junk of your house? Have you ever thought that you might be wasting that entire place? If you have, then the experts of basement renovation Newmarket can give you an awesome renovation idea of your basement. According to them, if you do not want any extra living space in the basement, then it can be easily converted to a bar. The process of this change is fairly simple. You just need to follow the below steps to convert the mundane space into a dazzling bar.

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The Condition of the Walls

Even before you start the renovation, check the condition of the basement walls. You need to strip down the wall to check for any leaks and cracks. If there is any mold, you should take care of that before the renovation started.

Make a Plan

You should also check the building regulations that your city has in place, before doing any type of construction work. If you need a construction permit, check the regulations and apply for it. This process might be a bit expensive, but, it will appreciate the value of your house in a few years.

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Design Your Heart Away

This is the fun part. Choose the design of your dream bar. Decide whether you want to make the bar look like rugged Wild West ones or the sleek any suave ones. However fun it might be, the experts of basement renovation Newmarket warns you to determine the concept of the bar first. In this ways, it will be easier for you to choose the right kind of fittings for your bar. You will also have the idea about the types of furniture that will be best for you. It is specifically necessary for people who have smaller basement spaces.

Think about the Budget

Now that you have finalized the designs of your bar, it is time to think about the budget. To make a near accurate budget, you need to make a list about the things that you need to spend money on. Include the paints, materials, dry walls etc. on that list. Measure the basement area and find out how much material do you actually need to convert the space. The experts of basement renovation Newmarket suggest that after summing up the expenditure you should add some cushion to that amount. This cushion will prepare you for any situation which might increase the budget.

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Add Insulation for Sound and Warmth

You will also need to insulate the walls and floor of the basement to protect it from sound and cold. This could make your wall renovation choices a bit harder. Check the panels and the materials which are required to insulate the basement properly. The experts of basement renovation Newmarket think that you should also consider using some moisture protection to your basement.

 Consult with an Expert

Once you have decided the budget, designs and all other important aspects, you should talk to an expert. The professionals of basement renovation newmarket assure that a good company can make your dream come true and convert your basement into the best possible bar.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan and start renovating your basement now.