Choosing the best shower is a very important factor but it also depends on electrical and plumbing arrangements in the home or any other place that you want to fix.  However, there are many questions that most people want to know like will the shower depend on regular water or pre-heated water pressure? Or does it need water flow to be enhanced and to heat the water only when it is required? To know all these answers you should continue to read this article that can help you what to tell before calling the plumber.bathroom renovations richmond hill

Electric shower: It uses the cold water supply, but it also depends on the water flow rate and the unit power rating, particularly in cold winter days.  As general information, water flow rates provided by Bathroom Renovations Richmond Hill are as follows:

  • 5KW Electric Shower provides 6.0lts per minute
  • 8KW Electric Shower provides 4.7lts per minute
  • 5KW Electric Shower provides 3.5lts per minute

Power shower – Modern shower head: The power showers are the best solution for you if your bathroom has low water pressure though it is a bit expensive but totally worth spending on it. The power shower type takes water from both cold and hot supply and uses an inbuilt pump to carry an energizing shower experience.  These types of shower provide a perfect control of water flow rate as well as temperature compared to the other shower types and are unchanged by concurrent use of the water supply anywhere else in your home.

 Mixer shower:  These showers that are available at Bathroom Renovations Richmond Hill are controlled thermostatically and need both a hot and cold water supply from either an immersion heater or Combi boiler.  The Mixer shower water flow is mostly stronger compared to an electric shower.  Shower and Bath mixers are controlled by the bath taps.richmond hill bathroom renovations

Rainfall shower: Water pressure is the water force that used to push the water through pipes and is considered in ‘bars.’ The United Kingdom legislative reduced for cold water supply to household properties to 1.0bar that is able to increase piped water by 10mts.  The water pressure rate is decided by both local customer demand and the altitude of the reservoir supply or water tower.  The flow rate of normal cold water is nine-liters per minute that flows through 15mm pipes.  But, this rate will be reduced if internal and external stop taps are not completely open.

Gravity-fed water supply:

The Gravity-fed water system is generally used for hot water supply to sinks and baths and the system is normally placed in the rooftop. The pressure of the water depends on the distance of the shower head and bath tap below the cold water storage tank bottom.  Each extra meter increases the water-pressure by 0.1-bar. If an upper floor shower depends on a gravity-fed supply and was situated just below the tank, then the 0.1-bar pressure of the water will be insufficient. But, by setting up a booster pump to the gravity-fed electric shower can increase the water pressure up to two bars, which is about 35lts per minute. Visit Bathroom Renovations at Richmond Hill for more information.

wet basement repair toronto

Stop Your Wet Basement from Becoming a Larger Problem

One of the worst problems faced by homeowners is a wet basement. This might be caused by a storm or even a leaky appliance. A wet basement is not just annoyance; it might turn into a much larger problem, one riddled with mildew, mold, and more.

wet basement repair toronto

Causes Behind a Wet Basement

Irrespective of whether your house is old or new, damp or wet basement repair Toronto is a common problem. Nonetheless, the problem tends to be more prevalent in an old house. In case a basement is wet, it might cause the surface water which isn’t draining properly from the foundation wall. This might happen if,

  • There aren’t any gutters to take away the rain water or in case the downspouts and gutters are clogged. This will make the rain water to leak into the foundation walls.
  • In case there are shrubbery or flower beds around the foundation of the house, it might lead to wet basement repair Toronto. In case of over watering, the soil will be filled with water, the excess water is then going to seep into the ground next to the wall. The water is eventually going to make its way into the basement.
  • Rainwater runoff from the walks, lawn, and driveway area. This water might run into the basement if the landscape forces it this to drain towards the home.
  • In case your house is built at the basement of the hill, you will have greater opportunity for runoff water ant become underground and then flow downhill towards the home. While the foundation of the home walls is going to intercept and then trap the water, it might build up pressure and force water out of the joints and cracks around the basement walls.
  • Inadequately installed, clogged drains or leaky drains might lead to wet basement repair Toronto.


When the basement is wet, it might lead to mildew and mold all throughout. Mildew and mold are actually health hazards and in case it is not cleaned, the whole house might have to be treated professionally.  This is going to cost thousands of dollars. Moreover, while the professionals remove the mildew and mold, the home cannot be lived in.

In fact, a wet basement repair Toronto might ruin the wall material and flooring of the house. Water damage is capable of rotting the interior walls, drywall, and studs. Thus, it might lead to countless dollars of damage when it is left untreated for a long period of time. In certain cases, the wet basement might turn out to be a structural liability in case the water has done some excessive damage to the primary structural framing of the building.  A wet basement might cause some damage to the valuable and also personal items which are stored indoors.

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Why is Important to Waterproof Your Basement?

Basement waterproofing is considered to be a significant part of the homebuilding process and it is an important aspect of the foundation of the house. Over time, the foundation can be damaged from roots, excessive temperature fluctuations, and shifting of the ground itself.  At this point, water will get into the basement and start causing further damage to the foundation and damage the interior of the basement. Waterproofing prevents water from entering the wet basement repair Toronto.