Everything you wanted to know about commercial safes

The first version was originated in the medieval ages. They were made up of wooden boxes with iron bands. With the advancement of metallurgy safer version without. Then people started to focus more on safety. In 19th-century detector lock came up. Safes come with a very broad set of construction they are used to protect personal documents safe. They are designed to resist heat and any form of physical attacks on them. The basic elements of safe are the lock and the box. They come with a broad set of Constructions. Mostly the removable part which is the door is secured by a lock. There have been a lot of scientific advances for construction of the best commercial safes.


The lock : This is either mechanical or electronic to provide security against physical attacks on manipulation. There is no way to open this after the door is closed if you don’t have the right key.

The box: It is made up of an outer mild steel sheet. And a hard place barrier to protect the lock. This Steel protects the box from shock and deformation.

commercial safe

There are many kinds of safes 

Fire Safes : They are designed to protect against high temperature. They are made up of non-conductive material. While construction of this commercial safe wood chip and cement are used.

Mercantile Safes: They are both fire and burglar resistant. The door is 1 inch thick. They are equipped with combination locks.

Gun Safes: These are specialized to store the firearm. Large guns, handgun, and other smaller guns are stored in this.

Safe Deposit Boxes: The specialty is provided by banks. These boxes are not safe themselves, but are secured in a strong room. These boxes have two keys, one which is used by the customer and another which is present in the bank.

Vaults: They are made up of a strong material called mild steel. This is usually when a strong material is a sandwich of two layers. The doors resist forced entry. This consists of six main components hinge, Bolt hinges, combination lock, key lock, and bolt control handle. If someone is accidentally trapped in, they can use an internal release to open the door.


What is safe cracking? 

This is the art of penetrating safes by force. This art requires great technical skill and knowledge of the correct components. When there is a malfunction of a critical component. Technicians are called to open the commercial safes by force. The process to penetrate a high-security safe is very complex and there are special to score drills hammers or explosives to open these safes. Drilling is one of the methods to break a safe. In this, a hole is drilled near the lock to get the contact of the wheel. There is one more way by using a borescope. In this, the gates of the have observed aligning. Drilling is very difficult as there are barriers around the law to protect it from drilling. This is also a very time-consuming process. The advancement of Technology has brought Herculite glass that breaks when touched and releases relockers.